Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lets talk about...err...toothbrushes!

I've broken the number one cardinal rule of blogging...that of committing to post something regularly and consistently. Infact, my poor blog has been neglected since 5th October! Though I'd like to think with good reason as we've just faced the most hideous of tasks...packing, cleaning and moving house. If you've ever rented a house you well know that the estate agent will expect you to make sure the house is cleaned to within an inch of its life upon vacating the premises, even if it wasn't that clean to begin with.
 Dirt that has been gathering in window tracks, on tile grout and ceiling fans since your rented abode was first built in the 1960s will suddenly become your responsibility. For someone who's cleaning shy, I certainly have a lot of whiz bang cleaning products. To demonstrate, I have a laundry cupboard full of: dirt and grime removing spray, antiseptic germ killing spray, leave on no need to rinse shower spray, bathroom spray of the grime removing type, bathroom spray of the germ killing type, vanilla fridge wipe spray, mould removing spray, cream cleanser, bleach, floor cleaner meant for dilution, spot floor cleaner that can be applied directly, sugar soap, cleaning cloths, scourers, paper towel, scrubbing brushes of various shapes and get my drift! So along with my cleaning cavalry I set about to do my move out clean. And what do you suppose was the most used item in my arsenal? Not my nifty battery operated rotating duster, or my window squeegee that reaches around the outside of the window, but a toothbrush! A simple toothbrush and some soapy water sorted out my window tracks and tile grout! It was great for getting into tight corners around taps and spouts and I even used it to clean the dust sticking to the skirting boards. So ladies forget about all about fancy cleaning products making big promises. All you need is a toothbrush and some elbow grease! And for the baby brained amongst us (I hear you sister!), make sure you don't put it back in the toothbrush holder alongside toothbrushes destined for teeth. That might just end in disaster!

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