Monday, October 5, 2009

Anyone know a cure for a missing off button?

It's true, I'm completely devoid of an off button! You know the one that allows you to stop after one chocolate biscuit, or switch off after just 2 glasses of wine? I think I may have been born without one and and am missing the gene responsible for controlling over-consumption of indulgent and wickedly delicious food and beverage.  For that reason I don't keep much in the way of sweet stuff in the house. When I do, I have to buy his and her treats so my long suffering fiance can stash his at the back of a cupboard where I can't find them!
 Many a time he's gone to have a chocolate bar or a biscuit a week or two after the purchase only to find they were devoured within the first few hours. It's been the cause of much bickering in our household and the occasional begging on my part for him to reveal his sweet stash hiding spots! I've just come back from 2 weeks at my sister's house (she lives a good 12 hour drive away) where much to my equal delight and foreboding, I discovered a very large bag of chocolate bars from her three year old's kindergarten fund raising drive (apparently you're meant to sell them to raise money but sis, feeling guilty for not having the time, buys the whole bag herself!). So every night with a cup of tea, out came the chocolate bar bag! Two weeks and about 30 chocolate bars later and I'm back home feeling wider around the midriff and thighs and dreading the weight watchers weigh in this week. So for now I can honestly say I've curbed the chocolate cravings and fiance's secret stash is safe for the time being!

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