Saturday, February 27, 2010

There's a yummy mummy in here...somewhere!

I can't get enough of series 2 of She's Got The Look, airing here in Australia at the moment (friends in the US will already have seen it last year). With such a focus on youth culture, it's great to see a shift toward valuing beauty at any age. But what's really got me riveted is the behaviour of some of the contestants; it's a showcase of claw sharpening and neuroses at its best! Like beauty, it seems that insecurity and drama are also not only the domain of the young. When I first started dating my younger fiance in my mid 30's, I remember him being surprised at the time, wise cracking 'Gee I thought once a woman reached her 30s she (quote) "had it all together" (unquote)'. Errr no, not as the contestants of SGTL prove, and as I reminded him only a few months ago when I howled down the phone to him at work because I lost a gift voucher worth $100, sobbing hysterically 'bbuuuuttt I I I waaasss gggoing to to to buy a pair of ttttrainers wi wi with it!!!' Anyone would think my puppy had died!

However, in spite of their insecurities, there's no denying how fabulous these women all look (alas, when god was giving out attributes, and the contestants of SGTL were first in line for 'genetically blessed with youthful genes', I was too busy looking the other way, eyeing off the line for 'a love of food but a metabolism that will never burn it off'!).  After watching an episode, my inner yummy mummy wants to break out and I feel inspired to put a load of lippy on and run around the house all pouty lipped in my stillettos. But I'm more of a schlumpy mummy at's track pants, jeans and flip flops, comfort over style for me (apparently I seem to have forgotten I'm no longer at university!). So unless they develop a TV show called 'She Got The Schlumpy Mummy Look', I'll just have to stick to sharing my neuroses with fiance! Lucky him!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sharing the Beautiful Blogger Awards love

Happy Days! A big thanks to Jessica over at La Fin DuMond Farm who has kindly bestowed on me the Beautiful Blogger Award; my first ever award!

Hey so now I get to pay it forward and choose 15 rockin' blogs that I've come across on my blogging journey. It was a hard task to narrow down to just 15 blogs given all the great ones out there, but here they are in no particular order...

Blog to Fabulous -  I feel inspired to continue on my weight loss journey when I read Kellie Marie's blog.
The Suburban Jungle - Angela gives great advice on how to make money from your blog and has some fab reviews and give aways.
Dsheray Dish It Out - I love Dsheray's relationship advice and celeb goss.
Danimezza - a fellow Aussie blogger, I love Danielle's writing style and updates on family life.
Coffee Mugs and Sippy Cups - Alicia discusses everyday parenting issues we can all relate to.
Musings of a Geriatric Mummy - Like Geriatric Mummy I'm also a later in life mum.
Theta Mom - I like Theta Mom Heather's philosophy on motherhood; we're not perfect and shouldn't try to be.
The Single Mother Chronicles - Swati has great tips for single and partnered parents.
Wannabe WAHM - like Wannabe WAHM I'd love to be my own boss and work from home.
The (Un)experienced Mom - a SAHM like me who is also proudly 'undomesticated'.
Mummy Time - another fellow Aussie, Brenda's a funny mummy blogger. She's cracks me up every time.
CakeBlast - Larry H. is a daddy blogger who posts product reviews and giveaways.
Livit Luvit - hillarious musings on day to day life from LiLu.
Life in the Fifties - great posts from Fiftiesmom on being a 50 year old mum to 3 young adults still living at home.
World of Mamay Jane - I love Jane's blogging enthusiasm and cute stories.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cougar? More like a lioness!

I'm really looking forward to watching Cougar Town which starts on TV in Australia tomorrow night. The TV station's been airing previews for the last month and it looks like a good laugh, despite the use of that hideous term 'cougar'. Every time the previews come on my loving fiance, ever the smart a**, turns to me and says 'Ahh the Cougar! That's you Nic!' Haha ok honey you've had your fun, so what does that make you, a small rodent? Now PIPE DOWN!

True I'm 9 years older than fiance, but I really do object to the term.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's tough out there in Wii Fit land!

Typing this post is proving quite difficult. My shoulders, arms and stomach ache. Muscles that haven't been used since I found out I was pregnant with my son some 2 years ago, have suddenly been put back into action, dragged kicking and screaming into motion. Why? I've finally set up my Wii Fit! As part of the set up I was able to create my own little avatar; I've called her, obviously,  'Nic'. So of course I took the opportunity to re invent myself in the virtual world of Wii Fit land. Avatar Nic has beautiful deep green eyes (forget plain old Hazel!), lovely glossy dark brown hair (no frizzy, grey mess there!), beautifully shaped eyebrows (fortunately no plucking or waxing required in Wii Fit land...what a dream!) and a pert nose (nothing better than a bit of cheap, pain free cosmetic surgery I say!). Avatar Nic also has a very hunky male personal trainer in Wii Fit land, affectionately named Brad. Sadly though, Avatar Nic is a little depressed. You see the standards in Wii Fit land are quite high. According to the Wii Fit body test, Avatar Nic is classified as...obese! Ouch! Granted, Avatar Nic is currently wearing an Australian size 16 (US size 12) and does have about 25kgs (55 lbs) to lose, but come on!!!! Does this qualify as obese?

So after Avatar Nic had cried into her wine for the evening, she decided it wasn't such a bad situation. Afterall, she had Brad to exercise with and thus decided that Wii Fit land could 'bring it on'. Fast forward to a jog through the virtual park, some push ups, lunges, and a hula hoop challenge later, and Avatar Nic is in need of a soak in some bath salts and a goldfish bowl sized glass of wine! But shhhh, don't tell Brad about the wine!

Updates on Avatar Nic's progress to follow over the coming months so watch this space!

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