Friday, January 29, 2010

Reaching the big 5-0 and Australia Day celebrations

Not my age, that can wait! I've reached 50 followers! Thanks to all of you for helping me reach this blogging milestone. Bring on 100 I say!

I've been on hols interstate visiting family and friends for a few weeks hence the absence, and although I've thought from time to time about building up a bank of pre-written material that I can whip out during holiday time, it's still on 'the list' alongside finishing my son's first year baby book (he's 13 months old now!), picking up the guitar fiance gave me for my birthday 7 months ago, and sorting out all my old photo's into scrapbook albums. I'll get there one day I'm sure!

Happy Australia Day to all Australians, old and new!

It was Australia Day on Tuesday and a national public holiday. So in the spirit of our national day, I though I'd write the next paragraph of my post with aussie vernacular thrown in. For all my non Australian blogging friends, I've included a glossary at the end.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The shoes have it!

This is a story about shoes. Not of the Manolo or Choo variety, that story occurs only in my dreams as alas, I have 5 toes on each foot and a desire to keep my little one fed and clothed. No, this is a story about the rubber soled variety...the sport shoe, AKA trainers, joggers, sandshoes, runners, sneakers or gutties all depending on which part of the world you're from.