Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cougar? More like a lioness!

I'm really looking forward to watching Cougar Town which starts on TV in Australia tomorrow night. The TV station's been airing previews for the last month and it looks like a good laugh, despite the use of that hideous term 'cougar'. Every time the previews come on my loving fiance, ever the smart a**, turns to me and says 'Ahh the Cougar! That's you Nic!' Haha ok honey you've had your fun, so what does that make you, a small rodent? Now PIPE DOWN!

True I'm 9 years older than fiance, but I really do object to the term.
It just sounds so callous and predatory. Certainly for me, there was no hunting for prey involved. It was simply a meeting of the heart and mind. Everybody: 'awwwwwwww'. Violin strings aside, no one is really sure where the term originated from though it's been a form of Canadian slang for many years, and was then also popularised by Valerie Gibson in her book Cougar: A Guide for Older Women Dating Younger Men. Either way it seems to have ingrained itself in popular culture.

So, if I am going to be likened to a hunting cat, I'd prefer to seen as a lioness. A lioness is a more sociable animal, living in a family group or pride. Cougars on the other hand are more solitary animals and only come together to mate. More appropriately, the lioness does most of the hunting, then the lion comes in, shoos her away and eats all the food. Now that's something I can relate to in my household! Yep, definitely a lioness!


  1. LOL!
    I agree. And cougar sounds about as bad as some of the other animal names guys have come up with to name our various "parts".

    Lioness most certainly fits us all much better.

  2. Oh look, it's me again ..LOL
    I stopped in to give you something:
    I’m passing the Beautiful Blogger Award on to you!

    That’s right lioness mama-cita,
    You can even visit my site and see it in big, fancified “Matter-O-Facto” and get the 411 / the skinny/ the shiznit.
    Most importantly, the Pic. ;)
    You So Rock! I want to weep at your awesomeness.

  3. Thanks thanks thanks Jessica! My first blog award, you've made my day! Did I say thanks? A big lioness RRRROOOOAAAAAAAR back at ya! x

  4. I like lioness. BTW I love the watch Cougar Town. It just cracks me up. Happy Love Day!

  5. I agree lioness sounds much better! Happy Follow Friday, drop by for a visit, it's always nice to meet new friends.

  6. Following from Friday follow. Cute blog! Following you now!!

  7. Visiting from Follow Friday! Roar!

  8. Hey there! I'm a new follower from Friday Follow!Hope to see you around my blog sometime! :)

  9. Following from Friday Follow - what did you think of Cougar Town? I love that show but my husband refuses to watch on the grounds of the horrible title!

  10. Hey Laura,

    Ooops sorry I missed your comment...I think Cougar Town's very funny though a little over the top. I love the neighbour, she cracks me up! Yep agree with your hubby, the title is horrendous!:)...Nic